Customer Device: iPhone 6

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Don’t worry, when we receive the phone, we always ensure that the repair you selected is correct.

We will contact you by phone and email with a confirmed cost once we receive the device. The email will include a link that takes to you a checkout page to complete your repair payment.


Screen Repair

Your phone needs an LCD/glass repair if:

  • The glass is cracked
  • You see a black screen
  • Touch response isn't working in some or all areas of the display
  • There are lines running across the display

Select this service if any of the above is true.

Diagnostic Service

Your phone needs a diagnostic service if:

  • You are not sure of the exact cause
  • Multiple issues are present

Select this service if any of the above is true. For this service, to help speed up the process, you can add a small explanation of the issue you are having on the checkout page.

Water Damage Diagnostic

Phones and water sure don’t mix. If your phone has suffered water damage, our technicians are able to assess if the issue is fixable. This is done by cleaning up any existing water damage, and checking for damage or corrosion to each part of the phone.

Battery Replacement

When your phone dies faster throughout the day, or it’s at 35% then suddenly drops to 5%, a battery replacement will fix this. We’re able to service a wide variety of smartphone models. KW Cellular will get your battery issue taken care of so you can go about your day without the stress of wondering when your phone will run out of battery next.

Charge Port Repair

Your phone needs a charging port repair if:

  • Your phone is not taking a charge. When you plug it in there is no response.
  • It responds to your charging cable sometimes, but the connection is on and off and sometimes you may need to wiggle the cable just to get the charge to “hold”.

Select this repair if any of the above is true. We recommend you test your phone using an alternative charging cable before sending it in, to make sure the problem is the phone and not the charging cable.

Camera Repair

Is your phone’s camera cracked or resulting in blurry photos? Select this repair if your camera needs a replacement.

Loud Speaker Repair

Having trouble with your loud phone speakers? We also complete speaker repair services for your phone model. You’ll be back to playing music and talking on speakerphone in no time.

Ear Speaker Repair

Having trouble with your ear speakers? We also complete speaker repair services for your phone model. You’ll finally be able to stop using speakerphone and have a private conversation again with your phone’s ear speakers working.

Power Button Repair

Having trouble with your power button? You need this repair if:

  • Your phone is responsive (i,e. The screen turns on and works fine or turns on when you plug it in to charge) but whenever you try to manually turn the phone on or off the power button does nada.
  • Your power button appears to be stuck and won’t “click” when you press it, so the phone keeps rebooting itself